Brandon Gurney talks BYU football recruiting on 960AM Cougar Sports radio

Mark Atuaia was a top-notch recruit from Hawaii. Can he help revive that source of talent for BYU?

Mark Atuaia was a top-notch recruit from Hawaii. Can he help revive that source of talent for BYU?

Deseret News reporter Brandon Gurney and the crew from 960AM Cougar Sports radio talked BYU football recruiting, including the Cougars’ competition from programs big and small. You can listen to the audio segment in its entirety by clicking HERE.

Gurney and the Cougar Sports crew discuss the progress BYU has made in recruiting against the likes of USC and other college powerhouses.

BYU has past success in recruiting the best players out of Hawaii. Is Norm Chow trying to prevent that, and can Hawaii product and Cougars running backs coach Mark Atuaia revive that recruiting pipeline?


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  1. Higgins

    I see it as a disservice to BYU football to talk about recruiting, but not bring up the Creamery. In my opinion, BYU landed Kearsley due to the Creamery, not in spite of it. I honestly believe that more kids would go to BYU if they knew existed and that it would be available to them for 4 straight years.

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