BYU lands JUCO OL commit

PLEASANT HILL, Calif. — Sometimes things work out for the best. That’s how recent BYU commit De’Ondre Wesley feels after a desire to commit to Arizona State fell through in the latter stages of the recruiting process.

Wesley is a 6-foot-7, 300 offensive tackle from Diablo Valley Junior College who originally committed to Utah in early September.

“My commit to Utah was soft and I told them that I’d continue to look around because it was so early,” Wesley explained. “I liked Utah, but I was always interested in other schools — especially Arizona State because that was the school I always wanted to play for growing up.”

Wesley was shown a lot of interest by the Sun Devils and was confident of an offer. In the meantime Utah decided not to wait on him and move on to other Junior College prospects.

When he learned that Arizona State did not have an offer available it was a huge blow.

“That was tough when I was told I couldn’t go there,” he said. “I mean, I loved the school, the football program — everything was perfect in my mind, so when I was told that it was a huge blow to me.”

Fortunately, for Wesley, BYU began recruiting him late in the process and offered him an official trip last weekend.

“I didn’t know much of anything about BYU and it’s different — real different, but in a good way,” he said. “The community there is so friendly and I seriously felt at home even though I’m not Mormon and all that.”

While on his trip he met the Cougar coaching staff and was explained the finer points of the BYU honor code.

“I love Coach (Garrett) Tujague and how he is,” Wesley said. “He’s sort of a ‘get-after-it’ type of guy that I like. I can’t wait to play for him and I really liked Coach Mendenhall and who he is.”

“I feel that BYU is the place that builds guys like me into great students and great people and I need that — everyone needs that, in my opinion,” he added. “I never thought I’d feel at home at a school like BYU or even want to go to a school like that, but I couldn’t be more excited. I really think it was meant to be with Arizona State and all that.”

Wesley will arrive at BYU this summer and immediately work to fill the open right tackle position for the 2013 season.


  1. RBN1

    I wonder if this will improve BYU’s recruiting class. Things are looking bleak for the Cougars.

    A beat writer at the “other” paper indicated:
    “Admittedly, it is not a glowing review of the Cougars’ signing class; In the seven or eight years that I have paid close attention to BYU’s football recruiting, this might be the weakest class coach Bronco Mendenhall will sign, in my opinion.”

    • D0927

      You could be right but you know this could up being one of the strongest classes too. The fact is all of that stuff is up for interpretation. The best class I thought BYU had was a couple of years ago with Heaps etc, and look how that worked out. The fact is many of there best players currently weren’t ranked high. These guys know through watching them what kind of talent they have and I’m sure evaluate them more thoroughly than these people who rank them. So I choose to believe they know what there doing. They seem to get high character guys which are guys who work hard and become better, so far it’s worked for them.

  2. motorpike

    This article by Mr. Gurney is a bit misleading, not that I’m surprised.

    Utah pulled their offer to Wesley when he chose to still go visit ASU. Had he been a kid Utah REALLY wanted, they’d have stuck in there and kept fighting for him. Instead Utah chose to walk away from him at the time he made that visit.

    Had Wesley landed his dream offer from ASU he’d have been extremely happy about that decision he made to go visit them. But I wouldn’t doubt it if he’s now regretting it.

    • Brandon Gurney

      Utah did pull its offer and I didn’t mean to “mislead,” as it is a relevant fact. I’ve updated the blog to reflect as much and I appreciate the comment.

      • motorbike

        Mr. Gurney,

        Thanks for clarifying and sorry for the petty addition to my comment. There was no need for me to say “not that I’m surprised.”
        Let me add that I don’t doubt that BYU landed a good one in Wesley, congrats to the Cougs.

      • Brandon Gurney

        no worries…I reported that Utah dropped its offer on twitter, but neglected to do so in the blog entry.

      • BigCougar

        Sounds like the kid was trying to make sure he had a scholarship to fall back on (Utah) while he waited on the school he really wanted to make him an offer.

        That stuff happens when you offer kids early in the process (although Sept isn’t that early). It happens to all schools and isn’t that big of a deal.

        For BYU it sounds like they get a quality OL recruit who will add much needed depth to that position. I can’t help but wonder though if we’re maxed out now on JC OL recruits?

  3. Ray

    I am excited for and about this young man. As a non Mormon, I hope and expect he will have a great experience, socially, in the classroom, and on the field. In that order. If he feels that he fits in, has a great experience in class with our great instructors, then he wil be best positioned to get the most out of his talent in practice and on the field.

  4. Uteanymous

    As stated by Duckhunter, Utah wanted De’Ondre badly enough that the Utes offered him a scholarship; when De’Ondre committed, but then started showing interest in ASU, the Utes pulled their offer. Regardless how you spin it, BYU landed a player that the Utes wanted.

    • RBN1

      Wanted is the key word. You know, past tense. Apparently, they no longer want him or they would have made a play for him. ASU and Utah both thought that he wasn’t a PAC-12 caliber player. Of course, time will be the true test. No matter how you spin it, Utah no longer wants him.

      • BigCougar

        “ASU and Utah both thought that he wasn’t a PAC-12 caliber player.”

        OK, I gotta call baloney. Utah offered him because they thought he was a Pac12 caliber player. They pulled his offer not because they decided he was no longer a Pac12 caliber player, they pulled it because he was chasing another school and they didn’t want to play second fiddle.

        Lets stick to the facts.

      • RBN1

        My facts could be every bit as true as the ones that Duckhunter, Uteanymous, and others are spinning. Fact is, none of us know the real story which is the point I’ve been trying to make. Your blue tinted glasses don’t have a monopoly on seeing the facts.

      • Duckhunter

        utah only pulled his offer because he basically told utah they were a secondary consideration for him, a fall back if he didn’t get what he really wanted. I can’t blame utah at that point but to try and pretend utah didn’t want him is ludicrious as they obviously did. Once he snubbed them and embarrassed them they moved on. But if he had not treated them like the second class citizens they are in the 1st place they would never have pulled the offer. Any way you look at this utah is the loser in the situation.

    • phoenix

      Spin it however helps you sleep at night RBN1; but De’Ondre didn’t suddenly lose the talent he had when Utah was recruiting him, just because De’Ondre lost interest in the Utes.

      • Brian in Arizona

        How about this for a spin. Utah schools are fighting over a guy who Arizona State wouldn’t touch. Keep fighting for the scraps Utah, that’s why you’ll always rank in the lower to bottom level of the PAC-12.

    • SLCWatch

      You forget, Utah killed the rivalry with BYU and will play Fresno instead. He won’t be playing for Fresno.

  5. Who am I, sir?

    As I understand it this is what happened. The Utes offered Mr. De’Ondre and he accepted. Afterwards he informed the Utes he was visiting ASU (he did it in a manner established by Utah). He was told that if he did Utah would continue to recruit for his position. (Which is their way of dealing with a recruit still seeking possible other offers – to protect their position if he decommitts.) While he was at ASU, Utah offered the scholarship to another player who accepted immediately. Thus when ASU either did not offer, or offered and then changed their mind, there was no longer a scholarship for Mr. De’Ondre. I’m glad he found a home at the Y and I will follow both players successes. I am happy the U held to their recruiting philosophy!

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