Johnny Ragin de-commits from BYU and commits to Cal

WILSONVILLE, Ore. — Johnny Ragin announced on twitter that he de-committed from BYU and committed to Cal. Ragin had previously committed to the Cougars in early December as reported by yours truly.

“I’d like to sincerely thank all the coaches, fans and everyone throughout the country who has supported me through this process,” he tweeted. “And I’m not one to go back on my word, so this is difficult for me. But ultimately, I have to do what I feel’s best for my family and I. With that being said, I have decommitted from BYU and have officially committed to #Cal.”

It’s very much crunch time for coaches in shoring up their final 2013 signing classes. With just over two weeks remaining the thought is that BYU may offer Auston Johnson who tripped to BYU last weekend, but left without an offer.

It’s not all bad news, for BYU on the recruiting front, however. Four-star prospect Brayden Kearsley announced he was committed to BYU Wednesday afternoon.


  1. Emma

    Too bad Ragin didn’t see that Cal stunk up the CFB world last season with an abysmal 91/124 finish – not even in the top HALF of Division 1 teams. Ahem…BYU did though. Even though BYU also stunk offensively, they were consistently in the 40s even during a bad year. Good move Ragin. Good move.

    • Kev

      new coaching staff and new facilities and new stadium. Their education is one the best in the world, too. They are also in a BCS Conference which means more exposure.

    • Lupoi

      You can’t fault the kid. He gets to play in a BCS conference. Plus they are top public university and top 25 overall.

  2. SoCalTrueBlue

    Ragin: “And I’m not one to go back on my word, so this is difficult for me . . . ” Enough said. Good luck elsewhere. Go Cougars.

  3. Wayne Gold

    Its good to see that some players are showing an interest in BYU now that Ani is back. that gives me hope for the future.

  4. Casey

    Not one to go back on your word? Funny how sometimes we think and say we are what we are not. Yes, you have the right to de-commit, and I think that is fine, but don’t preface it with, “I’m not one to go back on my word.” Sooth your conscience. But BYU has never been reliant on one person. Good luck.

  5. Cougar Passion

    Good luck to him. I don’t think we should be too hard on him; it’s a big commitment and he’s a teenager. I would much rather him do this now than get to Provo, experience the significant difference in environment–regardless of him saying he lives the Honor Code already–and then leaving later as have a couple of other non-LDS athletes in the last few years.

    • deek

      I am certain God doesn’t care about football or basketball or sports. He does care about each of us individually. So To say Ragin lost blessings is a bit of a nutjob statement. I think one can obtain blessings at any corner of the earth. Quit giving the rest of us in the LDS church a fanatical and bad name.

      • Levin

        You are, of course, right. Ernest (who is a troll) refuses to believe that most BYU fans see it the same as you do.

      • Ernest T. Bass

        You are wrong. I’ve witnessed so many blessings at the byu. And football adds even more.

  6. JDUB1942

    As a Utah fan, this news is a was seeing as how another 4-star that seemed like he would decommit has announced that he is still commited to the Y. so lost one gained one.

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