Peoples to hold his BYU commit

PROVO — Most fans, media types or anyone else can truly understand how tough the recruiting process is for a young man. Imagine yourself,  previously an unknown commodity, suddenly being inundated with offers and subsequent sales pitches from top division-one programs all within the span of under a week.

Such was the case with Jonryheem Peoples, who committed to BYU this past Wednesday, before receiving a full-court press from Utah following his dominant performance at the All-Poly camp. The 6-foot-6, 300-pound lineman, accepted Utah’s invitation for an unofficial visit and the visit went quite well.

“Right after my trip and for about three hours after, I felt that I was going to be a Ute,” said Peoples. “I loved the visit and it felt right being at Utah. I plan on enrolling early and it was explained to me that it would work better there and yeah, I felt that I was going to Utah.”

Word seeped out that Peoples had committed to Utah although Peoples himself never confirmed such rumors. Word spread like wildfire on the internet.

“It wasn’t even ten minutes after I finished my visit at Utah that I was receiving texts from everyone asking me if I really committed to Utah,” said Peoples. “I guess I told coaches (at Utah) that I’d like to come there, and yeah, I was thinking that I’d go there, but I never gave the coaches there a commit. I was amazed at how fast word got out that I committed.”

Shortly following his visit to Utah, Peoples received word from BYU Coach Bronco Mendenhall that he wanted to visit with him later that night.

“As soon as I received the text I started thinking about BYU again,” said Peoples. “I had just so much stuff going on — I mean I’ve never received this type of attention before and it’s crazy…it’s just crazy how good coaches are at selling you on a program. It’s something I’ve never experienced before, but it’s good to have a good family to talk things through and to help put things into perspective.”

Mendenhall went through Peoples’ goals with him and asked which program he felt would best help him achieve his goals. After some thought, Peoples determined that BYU would provide the best fit.

“It just all came back to me about why I committed to BYU in the first place,” said Peoples. “It’s about surrounding myself with the best — not just something good, but the best and BYU offers surroundings and a program that is the best for me and it’s why I’m holding my commitment to them.”

Peoples is well-aware that he’ll be receiving other overtures from other top recruiters, but fully intends on keeping his commit to BYU.

“I’m thankful for Utah and they have a lot to offer and I loved my visit with the coaches, but BYU is where I need to be,” he said. “Right now, I think I’ve had enough of recruiting and I’d just as soon go back to Idaho and hide for a long while. I mean, it’s nice to be wanted, but I just need to focus on achieving my goals and making sure I can get to BYU this coming winter semester.”



    • Darren

      Ummmm… just a little biased there.

      By the way, utahute72, look at this quote: “It’s about surrounding myself with the best — not just something good, but the best and BYU offers surroundings and a program that is the best for me and it’s why I’m holding my commitment to them.” You may now shut up.

      • VancouverUte

        I think Utahute72 is probably looking at the facts. Utah puts D-lineman into the NFL. BYU does not – at least in recent history.

      • Hater^

        If your good enough for the nfl youll go it doesnt matter the go to the reason byu doesnt send out alot is because most there players are at the older age when there.ready to go. The nfl wants young long term atheletes.

      • StGtoSLC


        So you’re saying Loni Fangupo just wasn’t good enough for the NFL, then? He appeared to be good enough when he was at USC, and he claimed to “know” he would be drafted before the draft. I personally hope he can stay on a roster and get some play because he seems like a good guy, but as of now, the odds are definitely against him. The truth is, yes, the reputation of the place you play does affect your draftability.

    • Darren

      The truth is, if you are good enough for the NFL, you will make it to the NFL. I agree, certain schools might help a little bit more at certain positions (Utah cranks out lineman on both sides of the ball while BYU specializes in preparing linebackers, QB’s and TE’s.)

      But you have to admit, Beck, Pitta, Van Noy, Kehl, etc. would have made the NFL had they gone to Utah and Bergstrom, Loutuleilei (sorry if the spelling is wrong) would have made it had they gone to BYU.

    • BSUBroncosfan

      Based on recent trends Utah isn’t the place to go if you want to go pro. If that’s the main concern he should look at Boise St.

      Since Utah’s highwater mark of 2009-2010, they’re falling hard and fast when it comes to sending players to the NFL. This past draft they got one player drafted and yet had several on the roster that were projected to go fairly high in the draft. What’s Kyle doing wrong? Derrick Shelby and John Cullen both were supposed to go in the draft and fairly high and yet they both got bubkes.

      Ute fans claim that Kyle has this prowess for developing NFL guys out of nothing yet now that all he has to work with are his own recruits, mmmmmmm….not so much. He did well in not screwing up previous coaches recruits but now that those players are all out of the system, Kyle’s just not getting very many of his OWN boys drafted to the NFL. Only 3 in the past 2 drafts since the remainder of Urban’s recruits left and a handful of JC players.

      McBride and Urban were pretty successful in attracting that level of talent and they didn’t have all the recruiting advantages that Kyle has being in the Pac12 (btw, when’s that recruiting advantage you all have been bragging about supposed to begin?). It’s supposed to be getting better for Kyle yet based on the past few drafts, it’s doing just the opposite. What’s up with that?! 3 players drafted in the past 2 drafts?

      Meanwhile, enough about ancient history and utes sending players to the NFL, it’s no longer relevant to today and the current situation. Looking at what IS current and relevant, Chris Peterson had 6 players drafted in the most recent NFL draft and 2 of them went in the 1st round and another in the 3rd round, plus a number of other players signed FA contracts. He’s also had a total of 9 players get drafted in the past 2 NFL drafts compared to Utah’s 3.

      Also, we sent 3 of our DL’s to the NFL via the draft and more through FA this year. Did Utah get any of their DL’s drafted in the 2012 draft? How about the 2011 draft?

      Bottom line, if he wants to go pro, I don’t think Utah is the best answer there. Utah St maybe (4 picks the past 2 drafts compared to Utah’s 3)…

      • StGtoSLC

        Somebody feels left out of the conversation, apparently.

        A) Boise hasn’t even recruited him.

        B) Citing Boise’s FA signings while omitting Utah’s is simply ignorant.

        C) Players recruited during Whit’s tenure as HC currently on rosters: Stevenson Sylvester, Justin Taplin-Ross, RJ Stanford, Shaky Smithson, Sealver Siliga, Derrick Shelby, Caleb Schlauderaff, David Reed, Koa Misi, Robert Johnson, Brandon Burton, Conroy Black, Matt Asiata, and James Aiono. This is not including the players that came to Utah in Whit’s first year of coaching (Sean Smith, Brett Ratliff, Brian Hernandez, Tony Bergstrom, or Zane Beadles) because technically you could call them Urban’s recruits, nor does it include Christian Cox since he was a walk-on transfer player.

        So pretty much your entire argument fell on its face. You had a nice class this year, but do you really expect that to continue at the same rate?

      • Uteolgy

        Not bias at all. Even Peoples agrees:

        “Another pro [for Utah] is NFL exposure wise where Utah has almost double the guys that BYU has right now,” Peoples said. (source Rivals)

  1. Coug91

    Not gonna lie–I’m glad he reconsidered. I put myself in his shoes at that age and it’s tough. All the attention, accolades, options. The nice thing, Utahute72, is that he knows what’s best for him. It’s not best for everyone, but it’s best for him. And likely, we’ll see him in the NFL someday, but he’ll be grounded and have a better foundation from which to deal with the challenges of a pro career. And if not, he’ll still have that foundation from which to approach life. It’s not all about football.

    • CrimsonUte

      I fully disagree with your assertion that BYU will give him a better foundation than he would have at Utah. You should meet some of the upstanding people, both LDS and of other persuasions, who graduated from the U. A number of them you probably revere as prophets, seers and revelators.

      • IndianaCoug

        While I agree with you that many upstanding people are University of Utah graduates, the whole “the prophet is a Ute” argument is growing old (5 of last six apostles called are BYU grads with the other being an Aggie). Conversely, I know many jerks that are BYU grads.
        I believe that Coug91 was simply noting that there are other things more important than football. BYU is often criticized for putting family, faith, and other priorities over football as they have in their mission statement. You may believe that BYU does not reach their stated goal/mission, but I agree with Coug91 that they do make a real effort to provide a solid foundation for life.

    • VancouverUte

      Coug91… First; I have nothing against Peoples but most likely we will not see him in the NFL. Utah has 7 defensive lineman in the league with one on the way, and perhaps two (Dave Kruger). How many does BYU have? Second, you represent the LDS faith poorly. I’m LDS and believe I’m grounded and able to deal with challenges just fine. Oh by the way… I’m a University of Utah graduate. Your holier then thou attitude is pathetic. It’s people like you that give BYU a bad name.

      • Y Grad / Y Dad


        Does he stand a BETTER chance of all this stuff we’re arguing about at the U? I would think, for better or worse, if you want to surround yourself with all things LDS, BYU is a better choice. If you want a good balance of all things LDS but also the real world, go to the U.

        But really, how well grounded are you when everybody you disagree with is “holier than thou?” Roll with the punches, friend. You live in Vancouver. Either one. Be happy! Please. Anytime some (read “Y”) feel they are better than others, it’s wrong. Anytime others (read “U” start generalizing with the old “holier than thou,” it’s wrong.

        I agree with the kid. Time to go back to Idaho, play some high school football, and hide while this heals over.

      • Brandon

        I love how Ute fans believe their program is defined by the number of players in the NFL. Where were all their NFL players about 7 years ago? Utah does not have much of a history of sending players to the NFL. BYU on the other hand has a lot more history than Utah at sending players to the NFL, many of which played in and won superbowls. Maybe you’re not as grounded as you thought if you really believe that only Utah can put him in the NFL.

      • Matthias Gregory

        Agreed. I’m a BYU fan and the self righteous attitude of many fans makes me cringe .

    • Y Grad / Y Dad

      Okay, just re-read Coug91’s comment, and while I agree it COULD be offensive, I think you gotta want to be offended to read something offensive into it.

      So far on these posts, we’ve been told that obviously playing pro ball is not his goal, otherwise he would have stayed with the U. Fair comment, no offense taken.

      So then, perhaps he has other goals, and that’s what makes the Y a good choice for him. He may still aspire (apparently) to play pro ball, but he has other goals too. By definition, you COULD call that being well rounded, or “grounded” or have a broader, “better foundation” from which to deal with the challenges of a pro career, and the rest of your life. Fair enough? No offense meant?

      I do like the fact that Bronco just reviewed with him his own goals, then asked him where he thought he could best achieve those goals. The answer could have gone the other way.

      This time it didn’t.

    • Utahute72

      Coug91, I find it an interesting difference when the Utah staff tells kids to take visits to every school they are considering before making a decision and only commit when they are sure Utah is where they want to be, while the BYU staff tells them to go home and hide.

      • Brad

        Find it interesting that Utah coaches would ask him to renig on a commitment he had made. Looks like the kid has integrity. Too bad the Ute coaching staff doesn’t. It is one thing to recruit. It is another thing to encourage someone to break their word.

      • utessuck

        @utahute72 – Really? just where does this story say that BYU told him to go hide? since we are just making stuff up at least BYU diesn’t lie and pay thier recuits to come to BYU. At least BYU doesn’t offer recruits escorts and their drug of choice. Wow, I can see why you make stuff up, this is fun.

      • jj201

        Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. How many kids has Bronco gotten to change their commitments while on their missions. Recruiting is a dirty business and nothing is certain until the kid signs on the dotted line. Not even BYU is exempt from trying to lure a kid there who is already committed somewhere else.

    • Mark Freckleton

      Proud Ute and Vancouver Ute – that is what it comes down to. The kid made a decision for himself, not for us, the fans. Even if he waffled a little, it is still his call. Some people are eager to please and don’t want to disappoint others. But now that he has (evidently) made a final decision, let’s support that. I have nothing against athletes going to the U if they feel that is the best place for them, and I don’t feel it helps my team to belittle them for their decision. I’m really sorry Star Lotulelei did not come to BYU, but once he’s in the NFL, I’ll still follow his progress with a sense of Utah pride, just as I follow Halota Ngata, another Utah product who rejected both the U and the Y.

  2. BYU Born

    It must make Utah feel good that they are the ones who make hesitant recruits realize what they did wrong. Kind of like the girl who you ask to marry you after the real guy has asked her.

  3. BlueCoug

    Welcome back Jonryheem!

    You’re not only joining legacy program, but also a program that understands that football isn’t the most important thing in life.

  4. DemyxShinigami

    Hey Coug91. I would advise removing your comment because it is offensive to me and probably others. I’m not saying this because I’m a Ute fan, because I’m not. I’m not even a BYU fan and I plan to not attend either of the schools, but what you are insinuating about is that you can’t be LDS at Utah and have good values, and that everyone is Celestial at BYU.
    You also make this man out to have the brains of a 5 year old. Yes, it can be overwhelming at first to get this attention but that is the nature of the career.
    University of Utah and founded and started by LDS President Brigham Young. “Due to the large number of LDS Church members at the university, there is an LDS Institute of Religion building directly on campus, as well as several LDS student groups and 46 campus wards. The University of Utah has a dry campus, meaning that alcohol is banned on campus. Notable alumni include politicians Rocky Anderson, Bob Bennett, E. Jake Garn, Jon Huntsman, Jr., Frank E. Moss, and Karl Rove; recent LDS Church presidents Gordon B. Hinckley and Thomas S. Monson; authors Orson Scott Card, Stephen Covey, Ronald B. Scott and Wallace Stegner; R Adams Cowley, William DeVries, Russell M. Nelson, and Robert Jarvik in medicine; historian Richard Foltz; and educator Gordon Gee.”
    BYU is known for a lot of greatness but people there tend to “sweep under the rug” as they say. It is more well known of the growing gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender group at BYU, in fact, over 1,800. It is also known that you do not have to be LDS to attend. Sex scandals are also known to occur on campus. I’m not saying that these people are terrible, for they are all not and they are God’s children. I am saying, though,that you get everything at both schools.
    I say all this to point out that you should check your facts before making such statements as “he’ll still have that foundation from which to approach life”. I’m sure if you ask the late LDS President Hinckley and the current LDS President Monson, although, as you would put it, they didn’t have the foundation because they went to University of Utah, they did have a firm foundation.
    Yes both sides have extremist, but sitting there complaining at each other is just a group of children fighting. Words made to hurt and offend are not to be said at all.

    • Duckhunter

      I don’t see where Coug91 said you can’t get a good foundation at utah? Where was that line in his post? He simply stated if he goes to BYU he will get one.

      Lotsa “frantic and emotional” utah “fan” replies here, yes I know you claim not to be one, I don’t believe you.

    • HiredGun

      Did you read the article?

      “It just all came back to me about why I committed to BYU in the first place,” said Peoples. “It’s about surrounding myself with the best — not just something good, but the best and BYU offers surroundings and a program that is the best for me and it’s why I’m holding my commitment to them.”

      In Peoples opinion, BYU is the best for him, and he is right. For a lot of recruits, LDS and non-LDS, they choose to go to a private school like BYU because of the values. Not everyone was raised in a bubble with everyone sharing the same values. Many of these recruits come from outside Utah with a lot of diversity around them already, and they want to be in an environment for once in their life where people DO share the same values. You can’t tell me everyone at the U of U holds the same values. Everyone lds and non-lds MUST sign the honor prior to entering BYU. It is that act that ensures that all the kids going their know what is expected of them and is a reminder of who they are and what they represent.

      I have lived in Commiefornia all my life and wish I had the opportunity to go to a school like BYU who actually holds their students to a certain standard.

    • bublnet

      Your post is so full of BYU stereotypes I amazed you can even function in life or that you have the gall to call someone else out. Just let it go and wish the kid good luck and wipe the egg off your face after all your ute fans posted disparaging remarks about BYU when it was thought he was going to Utah.

      Take your own medicine and stop being so self righteous.

    • Laughing Hard

      Did you really list Rocky Anderson first on the list of Notable Ute Alumni……I am seriously laughing so hard i am crying right here at my desk at work and all my coworkers agree. When it comes to equality the “Rocky Anderson” banner is sure one i would’nt want to fly.
      If that is something to brag about….you go girl.

    • Mark Freckleton

      You must get offended a lot if Coug91 offended you with his comments. No where did he state that you cannot get a good foundation at the University of Utah. He just explained that his particular young man wants to go to BYU and that doing so should benefit him.

      But I do question your ability to analyze a situation and form a logical opinion. How on earth does the GLTB population at BYU relate to whether this kid gets a good foundation at the school of his choice. I got a good education at UCLA and saw GLTBs and various formulations of communist activist groups as a daily routine. So what? I was there for an education and got one. You argument does not fly.

  5. Who am I, sir?

    I empathise with Mr. Peoples. I have never served on a jury but have often wondered how I would do because when I hear one side – I agree; then the other side and I agree!

    My reaction to this recruitment, in chronological order:

    When I looked at the 10 recruits the Y had I honestly had formed an overall impression. When Utah offered this recruit I was surprised and realized I misjudged a player. When he stayed with his commitment I was very impressed with his comments. I hope he enjoys his college days and I look forward to watching his development.

    As a Utah fan, I believe the number of times he lines up against us is very limited. This is how far distant I think our “rivalry” has progressed.

    One thing I did not understand was the change in Bronco’s approach. A few years ago a verbally committeed recruit’s offer was recinded because after committing to the Y he went on a recruiting trip to Notre Dame. This year it has been reported a verbally committed recruit has since visited Oregon State and now Mr. Peoples at least considering a second offer. Why the change in position?

    • HiredGun

      The schollie was rescinded for other reasons, not because he went on a recruiting trip to Notre Dame.

      Every recruit is different, so I would assume you would have to handle each situation differently as well. I believe that is how Bronco has been with recruits and still is.

      • FYI

        @ Hired Gun
        “Cougar coaches, including head coach Bronco Mendenhall, said the offer would be pulled if Schwenke took a recruiting trip this weekend to Notre Dame,
        …BYU recruiting coordinator Paul Tidwell told the Deseret News on Friday that, in general, the program doesn’t approve of committed players visiting other schools.”

        Deseret News: Jan 29, 2010

      • John Perry

        Who am I, sir and Hired Gun are both a little off on Schwenke’s scholarship scenario.

        Schwenke committed to BYU many months before signing day. BYU pulled Schwenke’s offer because he reaffirmed his commitment in person to Mendenhall during his official on campus visit in January just a few weeks before the official signing day. During the January on campus visit, Bronco meets privately with each players makes sure each one is still firmly committed and then tells them that if that is so, they should take no additional visits, even if the “Green Bay Packers” ask you to visit.

        Schwenke, like all the other players, agreed to this commitment, then went on a trip to Notre Dame.

        I would think that most schools do something similar to what Mendenhall does. With two weeks left before signing day, BYU is going to start telling certain recruits that there will be no offer, and those recruits will commit elsewhere. If a player stiffs BYU at the last minute, then that leaves both some athletes and the school in a bind.

    • Duckhunter

      @who am I sir

      “When I looked at the 10 recruits the Y had I honestly had formed an overall impression. When Utah offered this recruit I was surprised and realized I misjudged a player”

      Because utah making him an offer all of a sudden means he is good?


      What a bunch of nonsense. What this shows is BYU’s ability to recognize talent before utah and then make an offer 1st. It actually happens all of the time, utah is generally 2nd to BYU in offering recruits they both are after and with good reason, they appear to wait to see who BYU offers and then go after them. In the case of this kid utah jut plain missed the ball until he had already accepted BYU’s offer and then tried to get him to change his mind. It sorta worked for a couple of hours but once he thought about it he realized what the better place was.

      I do love the utah “fan” delusion you exibited in your post however, it was amusing, like most ute “fan” posts. Keep thinking that the measure of a recruit is whether or not utah offered him because that is hilarious delusion at its finest and I really enjoy reading it.


      • motorbike

        Ducky, it’s you that’s delusional. Once again you spin it the way you want to believe it.
        BYU has a much more limited recruiting pool than other programs. This being because of the LDS/honor code thing.
        Because of this BYU has been known to offer very early. Utah is not typically going to make scholarship offers as early because of the difference in recruiting pools, plain and simple.
        So get over yourself and realize that just because Utah offers a kid after BYU it doesn’t mean they’re always piggy-backing on BYU’s recruiting efforts … you and Gurney both need to open your eyes to the facts.
        Lastly, as you can tell from that last sentence, I won’t say piggy-backing never happens. EVERY program does some of this and would be crazy not to. There’s a reason it’s a verbal commitment up until signing day. No program is breaking any kind of rule by recruiting a kid right up until signing day. BYU is no stranger to doing the same thing … just think Harvey Unga … Ute commit, swayed by BYU to change that commitment.
        Utah will always be accused by BYU fans of doing this more than BYU does it to Utah, but it’s for two reasons … again, they don’t have the smaller target list that BYU has which means they will take their time versus BYU who needs to get after their targets quickly. And secondly, the Pac 12 affiliation has expanded Utah’s reach that much more. Utah’s going to go after a lot more of the “long-shot” recruits than they ever did previously. They won’t get the majority of them but by going after them at all it will slow down some of the offers that go out to 3-star and lessor known recruits. And as part of that process, every large program in the country that goes after a larger recruiting pool, will go to other schools and their recruiting efforts as part of their backup plan when they weren’t able to get their top targets.
        Plain and simple. Nothing wrong with it.

      • Duckhunter


        I had to reply to myself because there isn’t a reply link on your post.

        utah will not “always be accused more” than BYU because it isn’t an accusation, it is a fact. Whatever you claim the circumstances to be really doesn’t matter, it is a FACT.

        That said, I never said there was anything “wrong” with it, everyone does it all of the time, I simply pointed out that as far as this kid is concerned BYU was way out ahead of utah on him and got a commit from him before utah ever knew anything about him. Once utah saw him at the all Poly camp this last weekend dominating the thing they went hard at him. That is fine, but ultimately it didn’t matter and he is keeping his commitment to BYU.

        But let’s examine why BYU gets to these kids 1st and utah then “piggybacks” as you call it. BYU fans all over the country are constantly sending info to the BYU coaches about kids from their areas that are either LDS or else fit BYU’s standards. There are A LOT of these referals and that is how BYU knew about this kid.

        utah does not have that sort of network because utah does not have that sort of fanbase. utah’s fanbase is mostly limited to the SL Valley.

        Now utah believes that they can offer at least a part of what BYU can offer an LDS, or a moral, kid. So they actively pay attention to who BYU is recruiting so that they can find out who those kids are and then “piggyback” offer them if they like them. They do it because they do not have a network refering those kids to them so they try to leech off of BYU’s network.

        If you do not understand that then it is you suffering from delusion because it is a fact.

      • Mark Freckleton

        Duckhunter, I don’t feel you represent my Alma Mater and the team I have supported since the early 1960s by being rude. Could you please tone down your rhetoric a little and not be so offensive. You have a reputation on this board that I would not be proud to own.

        Frankly, I could not see anything in WhoAmI,Sir? post that warranted your nasty response. I am not enamored of motorbike’s response to you, either, but I am not going to say anything to him because he doesn’t claim to represent my school.

      • Mark Freckleton

        Who are you to tell me what to read or not to, Ducky. You are an obnoxious person who does not embody the traits that BYU espouses for those who attend. If you are not LDS, I will keep my peace about your rantings, but if you are, then you don’t understand the principles of Christian love and societal principles of common decency. Either way, you don’t represent my school and I would appreciate it if you would stop claiming to. You give the rest of us an undeserved negative reputation.

  6. KasperCasey

    Wow, such passion and fire over a seventeen year old kid. I am really going to miss this rivalry. It has been a rivalry like no other in the country!

    • juranmb

      Yes, it is a rivalry like none other in the country. But not in a good way. There are many other rivalries that are bigger, more well-known, and more important. But none of them can match Utah/BYU for juvenile, mean rhetoric.

      • StGtoSLC

        No, there are plenty. Do you know what THWG means? Do you know what the Buckeyes are affectionately called throughout Michigan?

      • Mark Freckleton

        You might want to observe what goes on between USC and UCLA, Oregon and Oregon State or, as mentioned, Ohio State and Michigan. Let’s not forget Auburn Alabama and the killing of trees.

  7. bigutefan

    I wonder where he will want to play tomorrow?

    Aggies it’s your turn!

    I bet this story is not over by a long shot…………

  8. Happy Ute Fan

    Dear Jonryheem Peoples. Although I am a Ute fan and would be happy to have you, you should go where you will get playing time and where you will be happiest. If it’s BYU, then best of luck to you. Ignore all the Internet losers and go get your happiness. Life’s too short to let all this pressure get you. Good luck!

  9. Striker

    Did you really bring up immorality in your post about a BYU recruit? Please! SLC has a branch of San Francisco in it, so I guess that’s why no recruit should go to any school in SLC? All Coug91 is inferring is that BYU is not just about football. The coach teaches about life, putting faith and family first. Add that to an incredibly strong LDS presence on campus where spiritual growth is a mission of the school and that is how the foundation can be very strong. You don’t know what his goals are, and I’m sure immorality isn’t one of them, so don’t bring up such ridiculous arguments. “BYU is known for a lot of greatness but people there tend to “sweep under the rug” as they say.” Yes, that is why the CIA and other major organizations come to recruit, cuz they’re really no better than dirt. Pal, attend BYU, then you’ll have a clue of what you’re talking about. Good grief.

  10. TrueBlue

    I’m really liking this young man; with his head fake towards Utah, JonRhyeem had the kids on the hill falling all over themselves and completely neutralized their usual “stars, Utah-really-didn’t-want-him, not-PAC-12-quality” banter.

    Welcome aboard JonRhyeem!

    • motorbike

      Interesting take, though you might want to go look at the comments on the original article announcing JonRhyeem’s commitment to BYU.
      Once again, a BYU fan who’s living in his own little blue bubble with his neat little imagination.
      Snap back to reality Mr TrueBlue.

  11. bublnet

    Lay of the kid, lay off the rivalry, just yesterday Utes were rubbing it in BYU’s face and now their back to preaching and being easily offended.

    It’s probably because of Ute fans like that, this kid decided to go back to BYU.

  12. UUfan

    First the Y, the the U, now the Y. I can’t get too upset with a high school kid that didn’t have much attention then suddenly is being wooed by two D-1 football programs. While I wish that he had decided on Utah, I don’t blame him for picking the Y. I hope the U’s opposing lineman have a few pancakes in store for him down the road but no other ill feelings.

  13. Bayzing

    My question is what happens if BYU has a mediocre season, Utah convincingly beat BYU on September 15, and then rolls on to play in the Alamo Bowl or “gulp” the Rose Bowl? Does he change his mind?

  14. Kosta Fesenko

    this isn’t even close to being over. Id be SHOCKED if this kid ends up at the Y. So far, he has been telling people what they want to hear. I wonder what he actually wants.

  15. BYU DUDE

    In the Spirit of being Bipartisan > If you love BYU drive with your headlights on during the Day > If you love Utah drive with your headlights off during the Night.

  16. TJ

    Sounds like Whitt put a lot of pressure on this young man after he knew that he had committed to BYU. He must think that this kid has quite a bit of potential. Not too classy in my opinion. Bronco handled it perfectly. Low pressure and got down to what the young man really wanted out of a college experience. If he is good enough to play in the NFL, he will get there no matter where he plays college football.
    The level of insecurity demonstrated by the Y haters on articles like this one is funny and sad at the same time. Keep it coming children.

    • LOL!

      there is a disorder where people see things that aren’t there. You appear to have that. See a shrink someitme.

    • StGtoSLC

      Sounds like nobody on here actually knows anything about the situation other than what they read from blogs, but most of them have an opinion on who said what, and are treating both sides like a couple carnies trying to cheat people (or, in this case, Peoples).

      Next time you talk to Bronco and Whit, let me know what they say about the situation. It will probably be later today since you seem to know both of them so well, right?

    • PapaSmurfUTE

      Classy huh? That name and BYU cannot even be put into the same sentence if you think this is not too classy. The Y and Roscoe have been known for going after recruits on their missions who have already played a year or signed with another team. If you want the definition of classy, BYU is not it. I’m not saying that the UTES are all that classy either, but they have a better rep of not stealing recruits and going after young men while on their missions. Roscoe handles nothing perfectly. Ask anyone but Mr Gurney. Brandon just hangs on every word Roscoe says.

      • John Perry

        For the umpteenth time, BYU does not go after kids while they are on their missions. Some kids on missions and their families go after BYU, and in a few cases, BYU has responded (R Nelson). Go ahead and ask the players’ families who initiated contact. Take the case of the Wadsworth kid who played at Hawaii before his mission. He decided to transfer to BYU after his mission. According to his dad, BYU had made ZERO contact with the kid in the whole saga.

        And at Utah, Trevor Reilly switched from TTech after a mission and Jake Murphy from BYU. What does that say about U?

  17. CougFaninTX

    Wow, there’s a lot of emotion around this kid and most of us don’t even know him. I flip flopped four of five times on where I would go to college, and I wasn’t even offered a scholorship. I ended up at Utah State because it fit my values, priorities at the time. I later transferred to BYU, because my priorities changed and BYU seemed like a better fit for me.

    Only the coaches need to worry about a verbal commitment. For us fans, we shouldn’t count our chickens until they hatch. In my opinion it should be called a verbal intention, because there really is no commitment until the athlete signs the letter.

    • StGtoSLC

      100% agree. There’s nothing more to read into this than as of 9 pm on June 18, a guy intends to play football at BYU. No “Bronco said this,” or “Whit said that,” or “JonRhyheem is REALLY thinking this.” I really hope the kid has no interest in seeing what people have to say about him, otherwise he really may hide in Idaho for the next 8 months, and end up choosing somewhere that nobody has heard of him.

  18. SoonerUte

    I hope the kid makes better decisions on the football field. Football is a fast game at the D1 level. You don’t have time for “Maybe I should do this. No wait, maybe I should do that.”

    Seriously though, I feel for the kid. He’s just a kid, and I’m sure all these sales pitches sound great. Lucky him to have multiple programs interested in him. He’d be fine in either program.

  19. gchris

    BYU has two Outland Trophy winners for the best lineman in America. Which outstanding Utah lineman has won that award?

    • StGtoSLC

      And how do those two awards (both more than 20 years old) relate to the 13 offensive and defensive linemen Utah currently has playing on NFL rosters (5 of them starters, 2 of them perennial Pro Bowlers), compared to the 5 from BYU (1 being a starter)?

      • Brian D

        Its to bad that because something isn’t current it is disregarded. If that’s the case Notre Dame must be the worst team in the country. That’s college football these days. What have you done for me today? Coaching changes every year etc etc.. Here is a fact that i’m sure we can both agree upon…. Byu has older players which benefits there O-Line and LB’s. Utah has younger more athletic players that benefit there DB’s and DL.

      • StGtoSLC

        “Here is a fact that i’m sure we can both agree upon…. Byu has older players which benefits there O-Line and LB’s. Utah has younger more athletic players that benefit there DB’s and DL.”

        Sorry, that’s still not fact. Utah: 5 OL on rosters, 2 starting, 1 a perennial Pro Bowler, 2 others likely to earn a starting spot soon, 1 fighting for a roster spot; 3 LB, 2 starting, the other likely to earn a starting spot soon. BYU: 3 OL, all fighting for a roster spot; 3 LB, 1 possible starter, 2 fighting for a roster spot.

        History is great, and something to be proud of, but to bring it up as a current recruiting advantage isn’t too helpful; the current trends are more appropriate.

  20. WowzaPeople


    1. If coug91’s comment is offensive to you, don’t read it.
    2. You say that BYU is “more well known of the growing gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender group at BYU, in fact, over 1,800.” Despite the obvious grammatical errors in this statement, I hate to tell you that this statistic is also completely bogus. If you would have done a little research, you would have seen that this statistic was developed by applying the national average to BYU. If you did this, there would be more than 1,800 gay and bisexual students attending BYU. There has been no research to confirm this misleading statistic and is almost assuredly a gross over-approximation of a very conservative, religious student body at BYU.
    3. You say that people at BYU tend to “sweep (things) under the rug.” I’m not sure how much you know about BYU, but you must have never heard of Brandon Davies. I don’t think an institution that simply “sweeps things under the rug” would have suspended one of their star basketball players just prior to the largest NCAA tournament opportunity in school history after finding out that he had violated the school’s honor code, despite the media ramifications. BYU, though flawed, stands by their morals and does the best they can to make the school what it is advertised to be.
    4. No one said that you couldn’t receive a good foundation for life at the University of Utah. You obviously reiterated this point by naming about 12,000 successful people that attended the U. Jonryheem is just trying to make the best decision for his life, and he is the only one that can decide what that is.
    5. You have no idea the kind of pressure that this 17 year old kid has been under recently. I’d like to see you walk a mile in his shoes.

    I wish the best to Jonryheem in his future at BYU or wherever he ends up.

  21. Brian D

    Glad to here the rivalry is still heated. After reading all the posts you’d assume that everyone knows best for this kid. Only he knows whats best for him. We don’t know what all his personal goals are and it’s not up to the public to determine them. If he thinks BYU is the best place for him than thats great. If he changes his mind and goes to Utah GREAT! College is often a right of passage, not a football game.. Hope the best for him and HIS goals.

  22. Tyler

    “it’s just crazy how good coaches are at selling you on a program.”

    Mendenhall went through Peoples’ goals with him and asked which program he felt would best help him achieve his goals. After some thought, Peoples determined that BYU would provide the best fit.

    This kid made the decision that will help him with HIS goals, not with what we think. Does he want to play in the NFL? I would imagine yes, but that has to be HIS goal, not us expecting him to do it. If it isn’t HIS goal, and it is just pushed on him, then he will resent it and not work hard.

    The decision was and is HIS. BYU or Utah, it doesn’t matter. If he wants to play in the NFL, he has to work hard to get there. Did any of you stop to think that maybe he was thinking beyond football and his goals in life?

  23. U90


    DNews ran a story several months ago reporting that there were over 1800 GLBT students at the Y. Run a search on DNews or Google and you will find it. It’s actually a very good piece with a video segment.

  24. Pac 12 Fan

    Maybe yesterday’s article blog should not have been posted. It appears that in haste to upset the troops, someone jumped a little earlier.

    This recruit may be a little confused right now.

  25. UteNinja

    Why are there so many babies on both sides fighting over a recruit that nobody has heard of? I wish him the best no matter where he goes but the chances of him staying healthy and being a starter on either team is low. Who cares if he changes his mind, he’s a 17 year old kid who cant decide Wendy’s or Taco Bell. Both schools have a lot to offer and only he can choose what is better for him, who are we to judge? This isn’t an argument of which school is more “holy” than the other, or who gives him the best chance of going to the NFL.
    Good for him for choosing BYU, hopefully he makes it higher than the practice team but there’s no way to tell that yet.

  26. Chris from Rose Park

    Earlier on in the posts there was a comment about the BYU “holier than thou” mentality. I just want to make a comment on that. I don’t think people at BYU have that mentality as much as some people think. I’m graduating BYU in August and the majority of my friends do not think that we are spiritually better than others. I am from Salt Lake, most of my buddies go to the U. Some of them feel that BYU students have this attitude. When I ask them why, it seems to boil down to the fact they feel when BYU students say they chose BYU because of the LDS environment that BYU students are saying they are better than Utes in that sense. From my personal standpoint and many of my friends, that is not the case. I did choose BYU because I loved the atmosphere here but it’s not because I think less of the Utes spirituality, it’s just that I liked BYU and it’s my family school.

    If someone has an “I’m better than you” attitude anywhere it should change. Just please don’t think every time a BYU person says that BYU has great things to offer that the person is saying the Utes are bad in that area. If a BYU person is saying that then shame on them.

  27. went to both

    I went to the U my freshman Year… Transferred to BYU after the Mish… All I can relate was MY experience… I was taken back by the posts on campus at the U for the Gay Returned Missionary club. I am not sweeping under the rug the fact that there are many who have served missions that may fit this category… if so, go to the U and there is a club for that. In my Intellectual traditions of the West class my prof said “My whole goal of this class is to have everyone here question their religious upbringing”. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. In fact, it is that class that got me in the mission field. However, my first day on campus at BYU was in stark contrast… Most all there in living and reaching for the same goal with faith and spirituality as a priority. Now as a Father of four, can anyone blame me for wanting my children to experience the latter and let me deprogram where necessary and let me TEACH the diversity the world offers with out having them experience it first… I saw first hand more people fall into the “world” and away from faith at the U than had a similar experience as me. Dont bash the Y for there singular focus. It is not “holier than thou”.

    • motorbike

      @went to both

      Your own comment backed up why so many Utah fans point out the “holier than thou” attitude from BYU fans, coaches, etc.

      Your exact comment: “I saw first hand more people fall into the “world” and away from faith at the U than had a similar experience as me. Dont bash the Y for there singular focus. It is not “holier than thou”.”

      What do you think people that fell “into the world” would make of your comment? Perhaps many of them who considered BYU as a college choice but went to the U instead, have looked back at that decision and their “falling into the world” as a critical growing experience that opened their eyes to who they are and what was right for them in life. Something they may have never had if they had gone to BYU and didn’t have the opportunity to “deprogram” themselves from the protective bubble of happy valley, UT.
      Words and phrases like “deprogram” and “fell into the world” don’t lend themselves well to your last sentence of “it is not “holier than thou”.”

      • Duckhunter

        Your post just shows how oversensitive utah “fans” are about these things.

        What verbiage should he use to define someone that left their faith because of the “education” they received at utah?

        You call it a “critical growing experience” as if someone losing their faith is a given positive. I otherwords your bigotry against religion defines your attiudes toward it, and BYU, just as surely as some BYU fan/students “holier than thou” attitude defines them to you.

        I have always found it interesting that it is considered “enlightened” or “open minded” to leave your faith but it is considered “holier than thou” or “intolerent” to actually keep your faith. This is obvious in the way you described both situations in your post.

        To you having your faith bashed to the extent you then doubt it is called “leaving your bubble, being deprogrammed, and a critical growing experience.” but desiring to go to a place that will help you to uphold your faith is called “holier than thou”.

        What a classic example of twisted logic you just gave us.

      • went to both

        when I say “deprogram” I refer to what they hear in church and in “the bubble” that I find ridiculous in association with our culture but not true to my faith….. like you are bad if you drink caffeine, one who smokes or drinks is dammed, etc. I set them straight on those things regularly… I DO want them to, if they chose, to be among as many of those who encourage BUILDING their faith, as opposed to questioning it. It was MY experience that most in my similar situation at the U faced with similar “enlightenment” chose a different path. My children will ultimately chose their own path… It is my hope they chose to embrace the faith… I will love and accept them regardless. The point here is BYU offers a much different experience… why are ute fans so offended by that?

  28. The Rock

    I was at BYU when Kyle Whittingham was playing football.
    I lost a great deal of respect for him when he tried to get a young man to go back on his word.


    • StGtoSLC

      I’m sure Kyle isn’t taking it too hard that somebody who knows nothing about a conversation that happened in Salt Lake City lost respect for him because of what said somebody thinks happened in said conversation.

    • PapaSmurfUTE

      The Knock

      WOW!!!! Are you kidding me right now? You lost respect for Whit because he asked a recruit, who had been recruited by other schools, who as of right now only has a verbal commit to the Y, to commit to the UTES? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You must have lost a ton of respect for your own coach Roscoe then. Since he asked players on missions who alredy inked their committment to another school, and possibly even played there for a year to come down south to Provostan. You must live in a sad and pathetic world if you lose respect for someone over something so insignificant as that. I will shed a tear for you tonight.

    • StGtoSLC

      Haha just remembered the Brandon Fanaika incident. Firmly committed to Stanford but wanted to finish taking his visits, and BYU put the full court press on him until the moment he signed. How much respect did you lose for Roscoe that day for trying “to get a young man to go back on his word,” I wonder??

  29. Pac 12 Fan

    Re: Went to Both:

    Your strange attitudes are the reason many people look at us LDS folks as strange. I think BYU is a fine place but part of education is seeing that there are other opinions and the ability to make your own choices. Once any choice is restricted, the learning stops. There are a lot of gays/lesbians attending BYU. The You Tube video has gone viral. If you are offended by what happens at Utah, you would probably crawl into a cave if you ever left Utah County and seen what is said on 95% of other campuses.

    If you look to be offended, you will be offended.

  30. Y Grad / Y Dad


    There was an article and a blog first (the blog before the article). Read them both.

    • motorbike

      Already did my friend. And how would that change anything?
      If nothing bad was said about the recruit by Utah fans after the initial article about his commitment to the Y, I’m pretty sure one wouldn’t find many negative comments from U fans about the kid when it was briefly announced that he had changed to the U.
      So your point?

  31. Bobby Bouche

    I don’t care why he chose to go to BYU. I am just glad that he did. We could use the help. I think that the fact that Utah was so interested in him is a good sign. They tend to put together outstanding DL’s. If he changes his mind again then I can only hope that he changes it one more time after that.

  32. ilnati

    Hey Brandon, in the future, don’t get your “news” from Talo Steves and Total Blue Sports — a fan site completely lacking in any type of journalistic value or integrity. I would think you would have learned from the whole “Hiva Lutui has dropped Utah from consideration and has narrowed his college choices down to USC and BYU” fiasco.

  33. motorbike


    Looks like it’s you who is oversensitive … go back and read my post and then your post but take into it the knowledge that I’M LDS!!!!

    I’m simply not scared to live “in the world” and be “deprogrammed” and I’m not scared to have my children do the same. In fact I want them to see the world for what it is and people for who they are and make their own decisions on what’s important to them religiously and otherwise versus just accepting that Mom and Dad have it all figured out for them.

    And by the way, if that means they decide they want to go to BYU then great!

    • Duckhunter

      I read your comment, your silly assertions are just that, silly. We all “live in the world”, this false “bubble” utah “fans” want to attribute to BYU, and Utah county, just doesn’t exist.

      I’m not “scared” either, as a matter of fact I left the church for about 20 years and eventually returned. One thing I learned is that there is no real value in dissent. If you decide you don’t like it then get out of it, but there is nothing honorable about trying to convince others their religion is false or flawed, or as you call it “deprogramming”.

      There is no value in having to listen to some bigot run down your beliefs, the fact you are LDS should tell you this. A person that would do such a thing, even if it is under the guise of “enlightement” or “critical thinking”, is not a person of honor.

      Go ahead and pretend there is value to it, there isn’t. We all “live in the world”. We all see what the world is and what it values. Just going to some school that has instructors that want to bash our values doesn’t make anyone “enlightened”. Sadly it does make some fall away. You call it a “critical growing experience”, I call it tragic.

      • motorbike


        For the record, you’ve taken my comments and twisted them and turned them into something else.
        “Deprogrammed” was not my word, I was quoting the comment I replied to.
        I agree with almost everything you said in your last comment – there really is a bubble in Utah county and more specifically BYU. It’s not that nothing bad ever gets in that bubble, but its still a bubble.
        My point though, isn’t that the bubble is bad. It’s simply that being out of the bubble isn’t bad either. And my initial reply to the other poster was to point out that it’s judgemental (holier) of anyone in any religion to say someone fell into the world simply because they left that particular religion. A lot of these people find what they deem to be their own personal path of happiness … so who are we to judge that as “falling” when they view it as climbing?
        To my initial point, I was simply stating in response to the other poster that his very words (fell into the world, and deprogrammed) contradicted his own statement about not being holier than thou. Those kind of statements, especially when talking about a school affiliation and sports, is the definition of coming off as holier than thou.
        Now back to sports.

  34. bublnet

    Handley a TE recruit out of Alta had this to sat about his offers (warning ute fans, it only backs up Gurney)

    “Handley said that after he received his BYU offer, the interest from the University of Utah became more abundant.”

    “[Utah] showed a little interest in me before BYU offered me,” said Handley. “They were recruiting me a little before, but then right after BYU offered me they started recruiting me harder. After I got the offer from BYU they became more interested in me and started recruiting me harder.”

    I guess Gurney has a point.

  35. PapaSmurfUTE

    Are you kidding me right now Ducky? There are SOOOOO many coaches, scouts, and recruiters out there that send Whit, Sitake, Scalley, etc. their top LDS talent. How do you think they hear about all of these players? Oh wait, it is because the Y went after them first, yup. That’s it. You are so delusional with your thoughts that you give every Y fan a bad name.

  36. Whitewookie

    You have ten sheep and one goes astray after being sweet-talked into following after a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Would you not start showing “a lot more interest” in that sheep?

  37. The Man

    If you are a defensive lineman you stand a better shot at the NFL at a place that has been well known for their defensive lineman and Dline coaching. Coming out of high school you know that you need to be developed so it should be one of many factors in trying to decide your football future. Also, look at the systems the schools run, the 4-3 based on pressure from the dline or a 3-4 that relies on the Dline eating up space for Lbs to make plays. I am not sure if he chose BYU over the U because of faith which I find that is most likely not the case. Both schools have a lot for missionaries and are used to dealing with that. It could be that he has followed BYU his whole life or that he thinks the U is too loaded at dLine, he may believe that in the future he will be a better NT in a 3-4 system over a 4-3 system, maybe there is a field of study he wants to pursue at the Y that he the U doesn’t offer or BYU is better known for. I don’t buy it that he just wants to BYU to go to church and that there is more than just football and church for him to consider.

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