Peoples jumping ship in record time?

I’ve covered few, if any, prospects that have changed their commits as quickly as Peoples allegedly did earlier today. Peoples is a 6-foot-6, 300 lineman who reportedly committed to Utah earlier today after initially committing to BYU on Wednesday. Peoples denied the earlier report, stating that he’s not made up his mind, although he’s now strongly considering both offers.

Peoples flew under the radar, being from such a small town, but was offered by BYU coaches after his performance at junior day this past Wednesday. Peoples committed just minutes after receiving the offer, and was assumed to hold to that commit until he signed with BYU in February.

BYU told its prospects before junior day that there were only eight more scholarships available for 2013 and would therefore be very selective in offering prospects. Indeed BYU cut down quite a bit on the usual amount of offers it gives out after junior day, but still found one for Peoples largely based on his one day performance.

It’s safe to say that Peoples is very impressive when performing live and proved just that at the All-Poly camp the following week. During the All-Poly camp, Utah and Utah State coaches were all over him — eventually setting up visits which the then-BYU commit readily agreed to.

Peoples took his unofficial visit to Utah on Monday and committed to the school following the visit according to According to, however, Peoples is still undecided

It’s been well-noted that Utah often offers prospects following BYU during the recruiting process, but it’s hardly alone with this practice. BYU fans term this as a “lazy” and even a “dirty” practice, while Ute fans regard it as just another part of being a rival program.

Utah didn’t rely soley and maybe not at all on BYU’s evaluation with Peoples, however. Coach Kyle Whittingham did his due diligence attending the All-Poly camp, watching him like a hawk during drills before taking him aside to give him a recruiting pitch. He obviously made a big impression and moved quickly– inviting him on an unofficial visit while offering him a scholarship a mere two days after the All-Poly camp concluded.

Lazy and dirty pool by Whittingham? It’s my opinion that until a recruit sends in that national letter of intent everyone is fair game in recruiting wars between rivals.

It should be noted that recruiting is a tough process for any young man who isn’t well-versed in the process. Peoples has obviously garnered a lot of sudden attention and is likely feeling a bit overwhelmed by the current process.


  1. Michael

    This post may qualify as the most bitter of all time. He got a better offer and jumped ship, get used to it.

    • Zip

      I don’t think you read the article.

      (…and if Peoples thinks that the U is a better offer, then I’d rather have him there than at BYU. The Cougars doesn’t need a recruit that won’t pan out at the university… a waste of time for both groups–example: about 8 recruits from the Crowton years.)


    “It’s been well-noted that Utah often piggy-backs BYU evaluations during the recruiting process.”

    Now that is some seriously objective journalism right there Mr. Gurney.

  3. W

    Speaking of lazy and dirty, try not to show your BYU homer-ism too much in you next blog entry Brandon.
    Can we all agree this kid was piggy-backing BYU to get Utah to offer? Recruiting is dirty in general Brandon(and other BYU fans). Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  4. wer

    This isn’t about dirty or unethical recruiting. It’s just an immature kid who will just at the next offer. No telling where he will, if ever, land.

  5. Andrew

    What a bitter article. How many teams piggyback on Utah during evaluation periods? Utah is #1 in the nation when it comes to developing non big-time recruits and getting them to the NFL. Big time teams are watching Utah like a hawk now when they out evaluating and offering kids. Its a pretty successful recruiting pitch Kyle uses:

    Utah plays in the Pac 12. 54-10. Number of players in the NFL (especially D Lineman). Pretty simple, go to Utah.

    • BigCougar

      #1 in the nation?! RLOL!!! Utah had one player selected last year and Boise St had 6, including 2 in the 1st round and one in the 3rd.

      I thought ute fans were against dwelling on ancient history. Now that McBride and Urban’s recruits are completely gone from the system Utah isn’t pumping out NFL players, the pipeline has choked down to a trickle.

      When you compare recruiting classes Boise St is always ranked way behind Utah and now that Utah has their much bragged about “Pac 12 recruiting advantage” this becomes an embarrassment to only put one player into the draft when you have all the wealth and power of being in the Pac 12 and Boise St has none of that and they pump in 6 players including 2 in the 1st round.

      What is Kyle doing with all the rich recruiting advantages of being in the Pac12 (besides piggy-backing on BYU coaches)?

      • UTE 44

        Utah was ranked #1 in turning lower recruits into NFL players. This was a recent article. Not some ancient info. And Meyers recruits have been gone for a while now genius. Over the past few years they have more DB’s in the NFL than any other program. FACTS must hurt. Nice how you use just thus past draft as your example. Typical Kitty

      • Daydaddy

        Oh Bigcougar you silly, frantic, emotional, uninformed fan. Your post has so many flaws in it that it’s not even funny. Going into the 2012 draft the Utes were number one in turning out NFL talent relative to their recruiting rank. This is since the 2005 (Kyle’s first year as head coach) class. Unfortunately, after the 2012 draft they slipped one spot to number two. Unlike you I will go ahead and back up what I have to say. Go google “recruiting and developing nfl draft picks”. Click the second link down. Once the link is open, scroll to the big table at the bottom of the page. There you will see Utahs’ rank at number two. If you scroll all the way down to number 39 you will see the cougars.

        You go on to claim that Utahs’ pipleline to the NFL has slowed down to a “trickle”. Interesting, according to that website (since 2005), the Utes have had 22 players drafted with a recruiting composite rank of 72. In fact, Utah had 6 players drafted in the draft right after the Sugar Bowl. During that same the time Boise State has had 17 players drafted with a composite rank of 74. Byu on the other hand has had 10 players drafted with a composite rank of 62. What does this tell us? Utah has done more with less and byu has done less with more.

        Nobody knows why Mr. Peoples changed his mind. Maybe he has dreams of one day playing in the NFL and understands that he has a better chance of doing so if he plays at Utah. I would suggest next time before you come on and internet blog and run your mouth, you do a little research. That way you won’t come across as so ignorant. You asked, “What is Kyle doing with all the rich recruiting advantages of being in the Pac12?” Answer: out recruiting and sending more players to the NFL (by more than double) than byu and Bronco.

  6. Utahute72

    “It’s been well-noted that Utah often piggy-backs BYU evaluations during the recruiting process..” I think Mr. Gurney should back up this comment. It is absolutely NOT true. Utah has it’s own evaluation criteria, in the past it has been dramatically different than BYU’s because BYU relies on the star systems that grade players where they are coming out of HS. Utah’s system uses a set of criteria that determines where a recruit will be in the future. In past year’s this has meant that only about 5-6 recruits were offered by both schools. The fact that BYU and Utah offered the same recruit this year, to me, indicates more that BYU has modified their criteria to follow what has made Utah successful, not the converse.

    • BigCougar

      Methinks thou doth protest too much. BYU doesn’t bank on the star system because they offer a number of kids before they are even rated and often wait until the kid comes to their camp before offering.

      IN the case of Peoples he was not rated and had been referred to BYU coaches by a member of the church in Peoples home town area who thought he was pretty good and flying under the radar. BYU likes kids like this and will offer them quickly once they get to evaluate them in person.

  7. CarlUte

    Some real objective work by Mr. Gurney who is quickly becoming a chief rival of Greg Wrubell as the two of them vie for the noble distinction of greatest “Zoob Homer”

    • BigCougar

      It’s no different than Bill Riley. I wouldn’t ever expect to read anything unbiased from him or pro-ute writers like Brad Rock, Kurt Kragthorpe, Mike Sorenson and Whitt-buddy Vai Sikahema and I’m not sure why you’re even complaining about anything written by Wrubell or Gurney (or Harmon).

      That makes about as much sense as watching MSNBC and complaining that Chris Matthews is slanted.

      As for the kid, whatever floats his boat. Looking at the bright side, the Y didn’t invest any time really in recruiting the kid and he didn’t hold on to his offer very long so it’s still available for another kid.

      It would have hurt if he’d led the coaches on for months and then at the last minute de-committed when it’s hard to find a suitable replacement.

  8. Ryan

    Given his level of loyalty and commitment it sounds like he found the right program for him. Kyle must have seen a lot of himself in this kid.

  9. rydub01

    HAHA, BYU tries to pinch him into a corner by telling him they only have 8 scholly’s left so he commits on the spot, then jumps ship as soon as a better offer comes a long.

  10. motorbike

    Are you for real Gurney?
    Wow, someone just showed the world how incredibly biased his journalism is. No need for me to point it out in the future.

  11. CrimsonUte

    If Peoples had never attended BYU’s junior day and never received that BYU offer, are you saying Whittingham wouldn’t have noticed him the next week at the All-Poly camp? If his in-person performances are so impressive that BYU, Utah State and Utah all jumped at the chance to recruit him the moment they saw him, don’t you think Utah coaches would have been quick to talk to him at the All-Poly camp regardless of whether he had committed to BYU? How is it “piggy-backing” if the same outcome would have happened whether BYU offered him or not?

    Maybe you think it’s dirty that Utah recruited a player that had committed to another school. That’s an understandable position, and one that is shared by some Big 10 coaches who have lost recruits. Nevertheless the practice is common in college recruiting.

    Is Utah State dirty for trying to recruit him at the All-Poly camp? Or just Utah, because they were successful in luring him away?

    Does BYU have a monopoly on kids they find first? I thought kids were allowed to listen to recruiting pitches from any school and make their own decision.

    Gurney, I know you try to be objective in your writing, but it ends up either being a thinly-veiled attempt at fairness or an overt display of cheerleading homerism like this blog post. Please, for the love of college football, come to terms with the fact that BYU is not the center of the universe.

    • Brandon Gurney

      As stated, Whittingham did a full evaluation of him at the All-Poly camp and I believe he would have offered Peoples independent of a BYU offer.

      No where in the blog post did I state that I believed this was a dirty practice by Utah. It’s simply what happens with rival schools during the recruiting process.

      It happens more on Utah’s end due to BYU’s smaller pool of prospects that meet its unique criteria, among other factors. I apologize for not stating that plainer in the post, but in covering recruiting over the past nine years, it’s become plainly obvious that Utah often quickly follows up a BYU offer with one of its own.

      Take 2012 alone for an example of this:

      Utah offers after BYU:

      -Tenny Palepoi, Hunter Dimick, Chase Hansen, Jamaal Williams, Austin Hoyt, Zach Lindsay and Tanner Mangum

      BYU offers after Utah:

      -Troy Hinds and Hiva Lutui

      • MESOUTE

        Will you please specify instances in which it is well known that Utah piggy-backs BYU in recruiting?

        Thank you.

      • Lane Lewis


        Yes you did say that Whittingham likely would have offered Peoples independent of a BYU offer. Why did you have to throw in that it is well-noted often piggy-backs BYU evaluations? Then you don’t even back that up with any documented instances. Talk about a “lazy” and “dirty” practice! I’m sure BYU has never done this, right?? Come on! You made yourself look ridiculous.

      • KCUte

        Well if this is true, I’m pissed. Will someone please tell Kyle and the Ute coaching staff to start piggy backing someone like USC or Oregon. Leave Britney err… BYU alone!

      • trickedoutHDtruck

        Help me understand the Siale Fakailoatonga “issue”. You seem to have left this out of your analysis.

        Honestly, you’d be better suited for Bleacher Report.

      • Vancouver Ute

        Well sure, just because Utah waits until kids are out of Jr. High to offer doesn’t mean they piggy back.

      • ilnati

        So because a Utah offer came after a BYU offer, the Ute coaching staff was wholly oblivious to the kid and simply relied on the fact he had a BYU offer in making the decision to offer. Riiiighht. Sorry, but your logic fails.

        You realize on your list, almost all the kids you list are from the state of Utah? Do you REALLY think the Utah coaching staff is SOOOO oblivious to the talent within its own backyard that it was unaware of those kids until BYU offered them? Does Utah have to make sure it offers an in-state kid first to avoid such a silly accusation from you? Could it be in some instances that perhaps they have OTHER kids they are looking at and offering, which makes Utah “slow play” some kids, and they end up offering after BYU’s has offered? But don’t let me stop you from jumping to conclusions….

      • Joe

        Not very objective journalism, your homerism and bitterness is showing through. You have to understand that Utah is to BYU what BYU was to Utah St. The conference affiliation is just too big of a hurdle to overcome. 5 years ago many used to say that local recruits would choose between BYU and Utah, assuming someone like Oregon or USC didn’t offer. Now the same can be said of BYU. Kids will only go to BYU unless they don’t get an offer from Utah. Obviously there are exceptions, (like kids who have family ties to BYU, i.e. Shumway), but at least 80% of the time Utah will win head to head. Don’t be bitter, just cover the second citizen school in the state with a smile on your face.

      • Tim Lawton

        I realize there are exceptions to every rule, but isn’t it a general rule that when it comes to LDS prospects Bronco and BYU is usually going to offer before Utah?

        Part of that is that BYU’s recruiting pool is so much smaller than Utah’s. The Ute coaches have to look at an LDS prospect and weigh his talents and potential vs. prospect in SoCal and TX that might be interested in Utah.

        The fact that BYU offered first is almost irrelevant, the fact that the young man gave a verbal to BYU before changing his mind is more relevant. However have we not seen plenty of BYU fan get excited when they think that they have the chance to “poach” a Utah commit?

        (Almost)all’s fair in love, war, and recruiting.

    • Naval Vet


      “Does BYU have a monopoly on kids they find first? I thought kids were allowed to listen to recruiting pitches from any school and make their own decision.”

      Kids ARE allowed to listen to recruiting pitches from any school and make their own decision…..UNLESS is a Y recruit. Bronco forbids them from talking to any other school. If they do, Bronco yanks his scholarship, and then reports that they have no honor, and that he didn’t want them anyway. Bronco also tries to yank it before the kid commits elsewhere so it doesn’t make his program look like some 2nd rate safety school, but it looks like Peoples beat him to it. It’s a sad day in “WAC”istan.

      • truecoug1

        @NavalVet “Bronco forbids them from talking to any other school. If they do, Bronco yanks his scholarship, and then reports that they have no honor”

        Not true at all. Braiden Kearsley, Dallin Leavitt, and now Peoples have all explored other options, yet retain their scholarship offers from BYU and remain committed to BYU.

        Please post an article that shows where Bronco pulled a schollie from a kid and then said that he had no honor. I’m really excited to see it.

        As for Utah piggy-backing off of BYU, it’s pretty clear they do that frequently. As BG mentioned above, there are numerous examples from 2011 where Utah offered a number of kids BYU was recruiting right after the Cougs extended an offer.

        My favorite evidences of this, though, come from this year.

        Harrison Handley, TE prospect out of Alta: “[Utah] showed a little interest in me before BYU offered me. They were recruiting me a little before, but then right after BYU offered me they started recruiting me harder. After I got the offer from BYU they became more interested in me and started recruiting me harder.”

        Tre Flowers, safety prospect out of Texas: “It was crazy with [Utah] offering me right after BYU did, but it’s a school I’ll consider — I just don’t know much at all about them right now.”

        How does Tre not know anything about a school that offered him a scholarship? Is it because the Ute coaches (gasp) didn’t actually speak to him at all? Or evaluate him in person at all? Why in the heck would Utah offer a schollie to a kid when he doesn’t know anything about Utah and the U coaches haven’t enlightened him at all?

        Good ol’ Utah…always piggybacking off of big brother.

        Go Cougars!

  12. FromWA

    Yes this is not an objective entry, that is why it is in the blog, and not an official article. Same with the Ute beat writers. I am disappointed to see the kid skip that quick, but I guess the Utes have to fear for the same thing. To me it is awfully hard to knock a 16/17 year old for changing his mind. If I had been asked to commit to every grad school program I interviewed at at the end of the interview weekends, I may have changed my mind a few times, and I was 24. Really he should be taking a few weeks to digest this and make a decision, and the system should better allow for this without full grown men having the heavy influence they do.

  13. Y Grad / Y Dad

    Yes, bitter, but it’s a blog, not an AP piece.

    The funnier thing is how derogatory the Ute posters were just a week ago, about the young man, offering an unknown, etc.

    So now instantly the roles are reversed. “We didn’t want him anyway.” “Nothing wrong with this at all.” Yeah, yeah, yeah.

    Bottom line: they probably told him Utah is BYU with hair. End of debate, go with the hair.

    All I got to say is, go where you think it will suit you best, kid. No one else is looking out after you. Best of luck.

    • StGtoSLC

      No, more likely what they told him is: “You could graduate early from high school with us, and enroll in time for spring, where with BYU you couldn’t do that. Another pro is NFL exposure wise where Utah has almost double the guys that BYU has right now.”

      Those are Peoples’ words, not mine, by the way.

      • Y Grad / Y Dad

        Your first statement is a little puzzling, as we see many athletes graduate early and enroll early at BYU, including the elusive Jake Heaps.

        The second half is a valid point. If that is his highest priority, then he made the right choice.

      • StGtoSLC

        Yes, we do see a lot of kids enroll early at BYU, but based on his conversation with them at first, obviously they told him there was not a scholarship available for him for the spring semester at BYU. Again, that came from a direct quote from Peoples. Whether BYU had changed their mind on that, or whether Peoples had changed his mind on the importance of early enrollment is purely speculative with his reaffirming his original commitment.

    • Naval Vet

      Y Grad / Y Dad:

      “The funnier thing is how derogatory the Ute posters were just a week ago, about the young man, offering an unknown, etc…..So now instantly the roles are reversed. ‘We didn’t want him anyway.’ ‘Nothing wrong with this at all.’ Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

      Not so Y Dad. That article where Peoples committed had only 12 comments on it, and the ONLY derogative comment made by a Ute fan was “Go Red” when he said, “Does the kid know that there’s an honor code? Cut his hair, and he’s 100 lbs. lighter.”

      That is nowhere NEAR your frantic and emotional claim of “We didn’t want him anyway”, is it? You Y fans do this sort of thing all the time. You’re so desperate to hurl some negativity at Utah that you resort to making up your own dialogues, then attributing it to us. But by all means, please cut-&-paste ANY comment that a Ute fan made suggesting they didn’t want him. You can start by looking at the article titled “Comments about ‘BYU football: Cougars land Idaho lineman JonRhyeem Peoples at junior day'”. Don’t forget to name him too.

      Mid-majors forever.

      • Y Grad / Y Dad

        Oh, NV, I’ll leave it to others to decide who is frantic and emotional.

        While your exactness in this particular article is to be admired, you must admit that the usual response from Utah posters on BYU recruits is “Who wants a bunch of slow white choir boys,” “How many stars,” blah, blah, blah.

        PS – Your selective reading, however, is not to be admired. There was a blog and an article on this young man. The other published item had several references to his stars, etc.

        You should hope that USC, Oregon, Stanford, Washington, et al, do not take an interest in this young man…

      • Y Grad / Y Dad

        BYU lands intriguing Idaho prospect
        By Brandon Gurney, Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 5:08 pm MST

        Don’t waste your time looking for a star ranking on Scout or Rivals….as you can guess they don’t exists.

        Judging by the number of Bronco players in the NFL its not surprise the kid made the BYU roster.

  14. JohnInSLC

    “How’s the view from the trailer park this morning?”

    To answer ducky’s comment/gloat to the story of this kid verbally committing to byu a couple of days ago:

    “Better than your view from the glass house in Utah County.”


  15. buck'nbronko

    Gurney is nothing more than the typical frantic and emotional bYu fan. For the most part, Utah will take what they want and bYu will be left with the scraps.

    It’s what happens when you join a BCS conference.

  16. Vancouver Ute

    Garbage! “well-noted” by who? You?! Utah coaches work hard in the recruiting world, as does BYU and their staff. Through your eyes (not Karl Malone’s), there is always an excuse as to why someone picked Utah over BYU. Just accept it now that Utah is and can be a better option for many kids out there. Utah offers many things that BYU does (LDS influence) and then some (Pac-12).

  17. Ken

    If USC or Bama comes calling there is still plenty of time for reconsidering. BYU relying on the star systems, “seriously”.

  18. Ryan

    So Gurney, clearly the fact of Utah offering after BYU is a case of piggy-backing, and not a case of the recruit physically being at a BYU camp before he was physically at a Utah camp, right? Since you chose to throw this garbage into your entry, we must assume you believe that to be the case.

    Circle of life my friend. Used to be teams like ASU/Arizona/UW would pull this on kids Utah was on early. Now it’s teams like Bama/USC/Oregon who like to offer kids Utah has already offered. I agree with your premise. Utah is now the Bama/USC/Oregon thorn in BYU’s side.

    • Ryan

      Looking forward to reality setting in once we see another sub-par conference season for the Utes and this time with USC eligible to squash any conf title hopes early. This plus one more such season should be all it takes for Utah fans to realize that hopes for where the program could go will be balanced by the homeostasis of the conference.

      Recruiting will soon follow, when the recruits realize that USC and Oregon get all those games on national tv not the other 10 conference members. When BYU gets a chance to show what Independence can do when they have 3 years to schedule, at least LDS recruits will start to differentiate and not be swayed. Not sure BYU should have offered this kid anyway unless Bronco wanted a kid to work with on the personal side.

      As for piggy backing, how did Utah end up on the Ortiz kid from Arizona or Flowers from Texas if it wasn’t for piggy backing?

      • Mars

        Samoa recruiting trip.
        What else can little brother attempt to copy?

  19. KJJSON

    I will be interested to see what he actually does, less than a week ago he was saying “I’m very excited right now about my decision and I can’t wait to play for BYU and to be part of this great football program,” said Peoples. “Everything felt so right during my visit. The coaches were great, the atmosphere was great, so I just decided right there that BYU was the only school I wanted to play for.”

  20. Silicon Heights

    I count 8 recruits that Utah offered within days of BYU offering in the 2012 class alone. I don’t have numbers but I remember it happening fairly often in the 2013 class so far as well. To say this isn’t a Ute strategy and is just a coincidence would be disingenuous to say the least. I applaud Gurney for calling it how it is.

    Utes if you want to argue your point don’t go with the “no it doesn’t happen” approach because it just makes you look uninformed. The facts are the facts.

    Now of you want to argue that a recruit is fair game until they commit in writing, then be my guest. You could probably make a case for that.

  21. John (BYU fan)

    Bets on how long this verbal commitment will last? Another 2 weeks. Good luck, Peoples. You play the game well, intentionally or not.

  22. Silicon Heights

    Another thing: all the utes arguing that Utah probably already knew about him and would have offered him anyway are again, uninformed. Silly utes. This kid is from Rigby, Idaho. The only reason anyone knew about him was because a BYU fan in Rigby sent film to the coaching staff.

    This has been the ire recruiting process the past couple seasons:

    -BYU finds potential recruit in Obscure, USA whether on their own or a tip from a BYU fan
    -BYU evaluates the talent and makes an offer of they like him
    -Utah offers the same kid within a few days even though there’s no way they could have known about the kid previous to the BYU fan tip to the BYU coaches

    Good strategy utes. I guess when your athletics building is a single-wide you can’t afford much recruiting. One of the plusses to the utes getting actual money from the PAC in a few years will be thu may get a decent recruiting budget do they don’t have to piggy-back off of BYU anymore.

    • Betterasigetolder

      Your argument falls on its face when you look at the objective facts. Namely, that Coach Whit evaluated him at the ‘All-Poly Camp’. A camp open to anyone who wants to participate. This suggests (assuming he would have been there regardless of BYU) that Utah would have offered him independent of BYU offering him.

      Lastly, I encourage you to list the athletes Utah offered immediately after ‘BYU fan’ tipped off the BYU staff. Remember, these cannot be athletes in the state, because it doesn’t take a logical leap to think Utah didn’t already know about them. Nor can you say Tanner Mangum, because he wasn’t exactly an ‘obscure find’, given his participation in the ‘Elite 11’ competition.

    • StGtoSLC

      And there’s no way Peoples would have known to attend the All Poly camp (a recruiting hotbed camp for Utah every year) if BYU had not offered him, either, right? Don’t let logic get in the way of your argument, though.

    • Joey

      Silicon Heights. Everything you say is true, yet I am not ashamed of it. BYU did find this recruit and occasionally finds others in obscure places. Then Utah sees these talented kids, evaluates them, occasionally offers them, and occasionally steals them away from BYU.

      And your point is??? Everyone else in the country does this. If Southern Florida finds a kid, you don’t think that Florida, Miami, or FSU take a look to see if they missed on him? Then if he is good, they offer and probably steal the kid, because everyone knows those programs are upgrades over Southern Florida.

      If Utah offers a kid who has committed to BYU, he has to consider the chance to play in the Pac 12 and in a BCS conference, and usually that kid will change his commitment. There is nothing wrong with that. It is the recruit’s duty to do what is best for him and his family. BYU has shown a horrible track record in preparing kids for the NFL and getting them drafted… even more so with Defensive Linemen. Peoples saw a chance to play for a team that churns our NFL Dlineman, and jumped at the chance. Good for him, and anyone who wouldn’t do the same for their kid is brain dead.

      And quit acting like this is bad behavior, when BYU did the same thing after Harvey Unga committed to Utah.

  23. bigutefan

    BYU has been caught recruiting Utah players while they are on their missions, get off your high horse Yner fans. They even created an NCAA rule due to this form of illegal recruiting by BYU. Just because a player is mormon does not automatically mean he is a Cougar. I am amazed at how many BYU fans think they are above recruiting tactics. The truth is Bronco actually has it pretty easy when it comes to recruiting, he does recruit mostly mormon athlete’s and that is not a very hard sell. Utah actually is working against all of the schools in the PAC-12, BYU, MWC, and now even Utah State. I know, so is BYU, but this little story is not even noteworthy in the SEC conference where recruiting goes on 24/7. At some point, BYU fans are going to have to realize that not being in a BCS conference is going to hurt them in recruiting.

  24. Marked it Down

    It’s hillarious how many character attacks we see from the kids on the hill when a player changes his mind and decides to switch from Utah or Utah State to BYU, but when a recruit changes his mind and decides to go to Utah, everything’s copacetic.

    The double-standard is laughable.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the kids on the hill react if Peoples changes his mind again.

  25. Softbear

    I could care less about who is piggy-backing, both do! So what. The issue here is these young men haven’t learned to “keep a committment”. I know your going to say thier kids and can change their minds. Yes, that is true, but then grow up and wait before you committ. First I think the schools are crazy offering these boys while still playing in HS. They should have to wait until the letter of intent day to announce who their committs are.

    Few of these young men are set mentally to make this kind of decision on their own without pressure from: family, coaches, friends, girl-friends and then the schools themselves. Every thing looks good. So we lose one, there are still alot of young men that will shine this fall and many coaches will be asking “why did we offer this kid, when we could have got this one”. That’s just the way it works. The Y will survive without this guy and the U will survive without the ones we get.

  26. thatspaint

    As a true blue fan, I completely understand, expect and accept the fact that utah may have newly added benefits because the pac 10 invited them. Although I wholeheartedly believe BYU will be fine in it’s own recruiting. There will always be a Tanner Mangum, Troy Hinds, Jamaal Williams, Ryker Mathews and on and on. utah coaches will be lying if they say we are like BYU and its moral rules that so many mormon and non-mormons kids are attracted to.

  27. Jonathan

    Except he was attending the all poly camp where the utah staff evaluated him and offered him. Sure he is from rigby but the utah staff would have seem him at the all poly camp even if byu had never heard of him

  28. Darren

    While recruits are technically fair game until they sign, there are unwritten, ethical rules in recruiting. Arguably the most well known is that you don’t recruit or offer someone after they have committed somewhere else.

    As we all know, Whittingham is one of those coaches that will do anything unethical as long as it is fair by the rulebook (onside kick vs. Wyoming, 2006, leading by what, 50? For example).

    • StGtoSLC

      This one made me laugh: “Arguably the most well known is that you don’t recruit or offer someone after they have committed somewhere else.”

      How insecure can you be if your school is the ONLY school to have given a guy a scholarship offer, and after he gives a soft commitment, he reconsiders when more offers come, so you call it unethical that anyone else should offer him. Sorry, there is no unwritten “Dibs” rule in college football. Try again.

  29. IndianaCoug

    I’m actually with the Ute posters on this one… it isn’t that the Utes “piggy back” BYU on recruiting, the truth is that BYU offers really early so they usually beat the U to the punch. This usually works out very well for BYU and I believe gives them a slight edge on recruiting local talent (see other DNews article about the offer they just made to the freshman QB). While I’m disappointed about the change of heart by Peoples–he looks to be a great talent–the U may be a better fit for him. On the plus side, it does free up another scholarship.
    I also agree with Y Grad/Y Dad that it’s funny how great Peoples is to many Ute posters now that he has committed to the U. He was horrible a few days ago. Best of luck to him in making up his mind. Go Cougs!

    • StGtoSLC

      Sorry, I wasn’t really paying much attention to the supposed denigration of Peoples by the Utes fans. Can you give us some examples of how “horrible” he was claimed to be?

    • Naval Vet


      As I had told “Y Grad / Y Dad”, Utah fans had NOT described Peoples as “horrible a few days ago.” It doesn’t appear as though you even read that article. Oh well, here’s a cut-&-paste of what I told “Y Grad / Y Dad”, and with PROOF that Ute fans were NOT panning this recruit…

      “Not so Y Dad. That article where Peoples committed had only 12 comments on it, and the ONLY derogative comment made by a Ute fan was ‘Go Red’ when he said, ‘Does the kid know that there’s an honor code? Cut his hair, and he’s 100 lbs. lighter.’…That is nowhere NEAR your frantic and emotional claim of ‘We didn’t want him anyway’, is it? You Y fans do this sort of thing all the time. You’re so desperate to hurl some negativity at Utah that you resort to making up your own dialogues, then attributing it to us. But by all means, please cut-&-paste ANY comment that a Ute fan made suggesting they didn’t want him. You can start by looking at the article titled ‘Comments about {BYU football: Cougars land Idaho lineman JonRhyeem Peoples at junior day}’. Don’t forget to name him too.

      And that goes for you too Indiana. Tell us all which Ute fans sad Peoples was horrible…

      • IndianaCoug

        RE: Naval Vet

        “Oh well, here’s a cut-&-paste of what I told “Y Grad / Y Dad”, and with PROOF that Ute fans were NOT panning this recruit…”

        Should I cut and past Y Grad/Y Dad’s response? Do your homework.

      • Y Grad / Y Dad


        Your frantic and emotional rant, repeated, does not make it so. Look at the reply above.

  30. Ute in Murray


    Did you bother to read the article? Utah didn’t offer this kid based on BYU’s offer. Even Gurney, in this ridiculous excuse of journalism, admits that the Ute coaches same the kid at the All-Poly Camp last weekend. The Utes were impressed enought to invite the kid to the campus, where they were obviously impressed enough again that they offered him a scholarship

    And if you think that the practice of offers goes one way please explain to me BYU’s offer to Quezada after Utah offered a couple years ago. Also explain Utah’s early offer to Brighton LB Uaea Masina several weeks before BYU offered. How about the recent offer to 2015 Jordan QB Austin Kafentzis who was just offered by BYU, even though Utah offered several months ago?

    And if you think this practice is limited to Utah and BYU you are in need of a serious wake up call. In the past couple years alone Utah has lost committed palayers to USC, Oregon and Washington. Or do you believe that those staffs are also “lazy” and don’t do their homework?

    • Duckhunter

      I’m sure utah paid special attnetion to him based on the BYU offer. If not for the BYU offer I doubt they would have offered him so quickly after the All Poly. They were definately trying to change his mind quickly.

      Also utah has not offered Kefentzis, he caims right in the article about BYU offering him that BYU is the 1st to do so. You ought to try actually reading and comprehending.


  31. Chad

    This is why the rivalry needs to go away. Brandon is a good guy as are MOST fans. Once something like this pops up both sides make a point to become fools. For every kid like Peoples there is a Manase Tonga. Who cares. Each has recruited big time kids that stunk and unknown kids that excelled. These poor kids get stuck in the middle and, at times, get painted with an unfair brush. Let’s hope both teams due their due diligence and offer some well deserving kids some options. We will all be happier if we ignore the so called haters and just root for our respective teams. Go Utes.

    Please, let’s all let this drop and allow each kid to decide what is best for them.

  32. Rob H.

    Tre Flowers is the perfect example of Utah Piggypacking. A few days after Tre received an offer from BYU out or the blue, he received one from Utah, even though there had never been any previous contact. “It was crazy with them offering me right after BYU did, but it’s a school I’ll consider — I just don’t know much at all about them right now,” said Flowers.

  33. UofU Fan

    Y grad/Y dad – I just went back and looked at the first article about this kid committing to the Y. There were 12 post (including 2 from you and 2 from Ducky). There were a few jokes about the hair but weren’t any real negative comments about the kid. You comment above that “The funnier thing is how derogatory the Ute posters were just a week ago, about the young man, offering an unknown, etc.” yet I didn’t see anything like that on the first article.

    • Y Grad / Y Dad

      UofU Fan

      As of this moment, unless something else news-breaking, well, ah broke, there have been three blogs and one article. Selective reading to support your point of view is not playing by the rules.

      In fairness, the first blog about how this young man is better than sliced bread MAY not have headlined on the Ute page, so I can understand you might have missed it. The only Utah fans to post there are the derranged ones who actually live to search the BYU page and make derogatory comments.

  34. bublnet

    Gurney backed up his post, and ute fans are still beside themselves, Gurney even listed specific names. I think it is pretty clear what Utah’s MO is, and from past recruits Utah doesn’t try to sell itself more than it trash talks BYU. Since ute fan think they can do no wrong I can see why this upsets them. But they’ll have to get used to being a school that isn’t as ethical as fans believe. Remember this is this football program that will kick an onisides kick when up by 40!

    • StGtoSLC

      And Utes fans listed several more instances where BYU has offered recruits after Utah has. So apparently all they do is try to trash talk Utah, right? It happens in college football recruiting, whether intentional or not, and is not even a matter of ethics. But go ahead and let this fuel your hatred, I won’t stop you.

      • Duckhunter

        The issue isn’t really that BYU offered 1st and utah next, any kid with multiple offers had 1 school that offered 1st. It isn’t even that utah offered the kid after he had committed to BYU, everyone does that as well.

        What is amusing is how utah apparently watches BYU and then immediately offers kids right after they do even when they haven’t previously contactedthe kid.

        Tre Flowers is a perfect example, Handley is another one. In Flowers case he said he had never once even heard from utah and then right after he got an offer from BYU utah came and offered him. That pretty much proves the point and yes it is very funny and yes it is a fact.

  35. White wookie

    So you’re telling us that he wasn’t invited to poly camp? Atl least not ’til byu offered a scholarship?

    Who’s uninformed?

  36. Rob H.

    Another example of Utah Piggy baking on BYU. “[Utah] showed a little interest in me before BYU offered me,” said Handley. “They were recruiting me a little before, but then right after BYU offered me they started recruiting me harder. After I got the offer from BYU they became more interested in me and started recruiting me harder.”

  37. M Grant

    At least Gurney admits byu offered Chase Hansen. After he signed with Utah most byu fans wouldn’t admit that byu recruited him.

  38. Gayle

    Who knows where this kid will end up. He is obviously what is known in the marketing world as an easy sale. Look for him to commit to the next big school that offers.

  39. yakkamole

    If anything Gurney was defending the U and their recruiting practices. No one disputes that they sometimes offer after BYU. That’s just a fact that is observable by anyone paying attention. He’s saying he thinks that is fine and not dirty or whatever. Let’s work on our reading comprehension and stop calling him biased for pointing out a fact and then actually defending the institution some of you are saying he is attacking.

  40. CougarOnTheProwl

    So utah tries to piggy back off BYU and steal another one of their recruits but is unsuccessful in doing so. Peoples is said to be holding his committ to BYU, smart choice by him. You know what else is funny, Utah steals alot of former BYU players to coach at the U. Hmmm wonder why? maybe because all success goes through BYU and Utah has no clue how to find their own guys. They just piggy back off BYU and well this time it didnt work, they failed! Peoples will remain a BYU Cougar!

  41. Zip

    Would be nice to have Peoples at BYU, but only if he’s a good fit for the university and plans on sticking around. I’m excited for the 2012 season!

  42. Duckhunter

    I guess this was all a very hilarious much ado about nothing.

    Thank you utah “fans” for giving me another very amusing read.


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