BYU lands intriguing Idaho prospect

PROVO — BYU extended an offer to JonRyheem Peoples following his performance at its junior day which was followed up shortly with a commit.

Peoples is a 6-foot-6, 298 DL/OL prospect from Rigby, Idaho who captured the attention of BYU coaches following a referral from an LDS church member in the area. Being from such a small town, he escaped the notice of a lot of big programs.

BYU showed early interest, but deferred a scholarship offer until seeing him perform live at junior day. Peoples apparently passed the eye-ball test with flying colors and was met with that offer.

“I’m very excited right now about my decision and I can’t wait to play for BYU and to be part of this great football program,” said Peoples. “Everything felt so right during my visit. The coaches were great, the atmosphere was great, so I just decided right there that BYU was the only school I wanted to play for.”

Peoples is what he describes as “50% LDS” coming from a home with an LDS father and a born-again Christian mother.

“It’s like I have the best of both worlds,” said Peoples. “I’ve been around the LDS church a lot and feel comfortable with it, so fitting in at BYU won’t be an issue at all. I felt right at home while I was there on campus.”

Peoples performed on both sides of the ball during the one-day camp and subsequnetly wasn’t offered to fill any specific position.

“Coaches were arguing on whether I’d play defense or offense, but Coach (Bronco) Mendenhall just told them that no matter where I was going to play that they wanted me to play for them,” said Peoples. “I like defense a little bit better because I like to attack, but I’m fine with wherever they want me to play. I just want to play and contribute to this great program.”

We’ll have more on Peoples and other junior day observations a bit later.


  1. eocsorBackwards

    Don’t waste your time looking for a star ranking on Scout or Rivals….as you can guess they don’t exists.

  2. U and me

    Whatever you might think of the rivalry, it’s pretty cool that a kid so far under the radar can find his way onto a college roster…suddenly he has the chance of a lifetime.

  3. Wayne Rout

    Since he has no stars, he will probably see a lot of playing time providing he can field punts.

  4. TrueBlue

    Sounds like a great kid and a great addition to BYU’s football program. Welcome aboard JonRyheem!

    Pay no attention to the jealous whining of the kids on the hill – it’s meaningless and always totally clueless.

  5. Y Grad / Y Dad

    Pretty sure Utah never signs a kid like this. Nothing but 5 star kids on the entire roster.

    Thanks for playing…

  6. 112 Pack

    Does the colored hair violate the honor code? Quite often these unranked players end up doing quite well. Best of luck at BYU.

  7. Y Grad / Y Dad

    By the way, weren’t you guys supposed to finish your chores BEFORE you got on the computer?

  8. Dad of 3 Girls

    From an avid Ute Fan. Why do we have to turn everything into a BYU vs U of U argument. Be happy for this young man. He has been given the opportunity to play college football for a great program. Go Utes.

    • BYU Grounds

      OMG! A reasonable Ute (notice I didn’t say Yewt) I am so pleased to hear from fans like U. Its fans like you that make the rivalry fun and not ugly. Best of luck this year except when you are playing the Y

  9. Me Myself and I

    Ignorance must be bliss…either that or some of you are in the early stages of Alzheimer’s…Utah signed a kid like this not so long ago from a small town in southeastern Utah called Moab…Zane Taylor wasn’t a highly touted recruit but he went on to be a three year starter at center for the Utes.

    • Donko

      Zane was rated the 6th best player in the state and had interest/offers from BYU Utah AZ st. and Cal.

      You must be in later stages of Alzheimers because compairing Zane to ‘fro is complete dementia.

      Up until this past weekend People had nothing going on except his fro.

      • Me Myself and I


        I in no way meant to discredit Zane’s abilities or paint him in a negative light. There are some key differences between this kid and Zane for sure. Zane was rated on all the recruiting websites and I know he got letters from all over and was highly recruited in state. I’m just saying he’s a small town kid who really beat the odds. My second point was Utah does sign kids similar to JonRyheem.

      • I Love haters

        Just to let you haters know he has offers from Utah, Utah state, cal,Idaho, new Mexico, university of Arizona, Portland, south Florida, tcu, weber state, clemson, isu,uc davis, and BYU. It just so happens he really likes BYU and the reason he’s not ranked is because he didn’t want the hype that comes with it. He’s quiet and gets the job done he’s a good athelete an student. How I know all this I’m his cousin.

  10. doug hansing

    Dad of 3 girls,
    Wholeheartly agree with you. The posters were overwhelmingly positive about this young man getting an opportunity to play college ball. Normally Y Grad/Dad is a pretty reasonable poster. Not sure what put the knot in his underwear this time.

  11. Striker

    Any kid who is excited to join the program is a great recruit. It’s great to see the high quality of these young and early recruits continue to pile up.

  12. Willy

    50% LDS I have never head an active LDS person say that in my entire life I hope he stays eligible I’m not betting on it

  13. CougarOnTheProwl

    I like his versatility to play OL or DL, sounds like a great kid with a good attitude. I look forward to seeing him play for BYU.

  14. Craig

    Lobster, I spit out half my lunch laughing so hard! Thx. I needed that.

    fowez, while I won’t deny I’d love to see more players in the NFL, Bronco’s purpose is not to prep players for the NFL. It’s to get as much out of his players as possible, on and off the field. According to his players, the alumni, the administration, “the brethren”, and 90% of BYU fans, I think he’s doing a pretty good job of that.

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