NCAA media circus is underway

Our team of columnist Dick Harmon, photographer Scott Winterton and myself settled into our hotel room in downtown Oklahoma City last night, and this morning, after a couple of muffins and waffles, made the four-block walk to the Ford Arena. I just left Florida’s locker room where I visited with Gators Erving Walking, Chandler Parsons and Dan Werner. I found a common theme – stop BYU’s transition. I also heard several players talk of the respect the Gators hope to earn this week and how, if they do what they do best, they’ll give BYU all it can handle. I also overheard one of Florida’s assistant coaches giving a local TV guy his take on tomorrow’s game, and he felt BYU has some defensive weaknesses that the Gators can take advantage of, but the key was to not let BYU set the tempo of the game early and to keep the Cougars under 80 points.
From my observation at practice, which is going on right now, the Gators are athletic, but not as athletic as the team that gave BYU problems the last two years – Texas A&M. At last year’s day-before practice I was amazed at how well Texas A&M shot. Actually, today, in watching the Gators shoot out there right now, I don’t have the same feeling. Nothing eye-opening or jaw-dropper. The Cougars should not be intimidated by this team.
I’ll try to keep some updates coming. The Cougars begin their media stuff in about 30 minutes, and get 40 minutes of practice beginning just after noon Mountain Time.

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